Best Mattresses For Back Pain

Best Mattresses For Back Pain – Our Top Picks To Help Relieve Your Back Pain!

Back pain: it’s no joke. Maybe you’ve tried everything to fix your back pain:  You’ve worked making an ergonomic desk setup, doing core-strengthening exercises, you drink  celery juice every morning like you read on Goop. We’ve all been there. But maybe it’s time to bring  out the big guns: a brand new mattress. And we’re just the team to help with that.

First stop on our mattress buying journey: our approximately 30-second,  four-point, quintessential, mattress-buying boot camp: back pain addition.

Point number 1 Sleeping  position

When we talk to people with back pain from their mattress, it’s often because the feel  of the mattress doesn’t match their primary sleep position. Side sleepers need a mattress that’s  soft enough to keep their sensitive shoulders and hips to sinking into the mattress just  right so that the spine stays aligned.

Back sleepers needs a mattress that’s firm enough,  so that their back and legs are elevated on the mattress surface. And stomach sleepers need an  even firmer mattress to keep their hips elevated on the mattress surface to keep their spine  from bowing down too much.

But keep in mind,  if you go with an ultra-cheap mattress, it could end up developing body indentations over time,  which is just not ideal. But, all of the beds on our “Best for Back Pain” list  are super high-quality, so you should have some good options. If you’ve got back pain caused by a progressive condition such as arthritis,  the Layla mattress is our pick for you. It’s really interesting that the Layla is a  flippable bed which is pretty rare for mattresses on the market today. And the construction is also  really unique.


Point number 2: Body type

Heavyweight sleepers often tend to feel  mattresses s softer than average. And heavyweight sleepers can run into back pain if they have a too  soft mattress. So if you’re a heavyweight sleeper, I recommend choosing a mattress that has coils or  is a little bit firmer. Now, lightweight sleepers can tend to feel some pressure especially along  the hips. So if you’re a lightweight sleeper, who struggles with hip pain, try a softer mattress.


Point number 3 The special-interest category

For example, do you sleep hot and need  a cooling mattress? Do you sleep with a partner and need a mattress that isolations motion really  well? Or do you have mobility issues and need a mattress with really strong edge support?  We have suggestions to fit all of those unique needs.

Point number 4 Pricing

Now,  let’s be real. Not all of us are Elon Musk. And none of us are made of money. So, I definitely don’t recommend going into debt or breaking the bank for a new mattress.

We’ve got a 4” support core in the center of the mattress, then comfort layers on the top and bottom so that you can flip the mattress for a different firmness level on each side. So if you need a bit more softness, you can flip the Layla and get just that.  What’s more, Layla gives you great motion isolation, so you can sleep with a partner without being disturbed by their movements. Now, the Layla is our Editor’s choice for the best mattress for back pain, but if you want a little bit more bounce in your life, check out the Layla Hybrid!

I was an athlete for 16 years,  so I know better than anyone what it’s like to wake up with not only back pain,  but neck pain, shoulder, pain, hip pain…you get the gist—we’re a broken,  achy mess off the field.

>> You Can Check Out Layla Mattresses Here <<

Luckily, the DreamCloud is like slipping into a luxury, supportive cloud, with cashmere in the mattress cover, cushioning gel foam, and supportive coils for the ultimate pressure-relieving bed.

This mattress is not only great for athletic back and neck pain, but any back and neck pain you may have, and I think that deserves a gold medal. Now, when it comes to side sleepers, the Helix Midnight Luxe is the best mattress for preventing back pain.

It’s a hybrid mattress with contouring memory foam comfort layers and a  quilted pillow top that will cradle your body for pressure relief, but the mattress still brings the support you need with coils and zoned lumbar support. The Helix Midnight Luxe is medium-firm, so it won’t be too firm or too soft for most sleepers. And if you sleep hot or with a  partner, you can rest easy knowing this mattress is breathable and isolates motion excellently.

The Saatva classic is truly a classic here at mattress nerd I mean we love so many things about this bed specifically that it has a traditional feel with that innerspring base but you have the plush added pillow top plus some pressure-relieving foam but the thing I love the most about the soft but mattress is that when you lie down on it the main thing that it is designed for is lumbar support so it should really help with your lower back pain plus it comes in three firmness options:  soft, medium, and firm so you can just pick which one you like the best.

Now oftentimes sleepers with back pain are also experiencing some other mattress related issues and one of the most common issues we see is hot sleeping. That’s when the mattress kind of holds on to body heat and gives you a less than stellar sleeping experience. Now the Winkbed is our pick for hot sleepers who also experience back pain. It’s made with really breathable coils that are going to allow air to move in and out of the mattress throughout the night. We gave it  a perfect score on temperature regulation in our in-house mattress testing process. This is saying a lot because we’ve seen a ton of mattresses now the Winkbed comes in several firmness options. You’ve got a soft luxury firm and a firm version. Winkbed even gives you a plus version if you’re a heavyweight sleeper. When your back pain is concentrated in the upper back area you mostly need supportive pressure leaving the mattress. So I present to you the Brooklyn vetting signature not only does it relieve pressure from your upper back, but you have options.

Okay, you get soft medium or firm so pick whichever one works best for your sleeping position and body type. Plus this mattress is made in the USA which helps it stay super affordable  sad to say but that’s the end of our list it’s no fun to have back pain  but the mattress industry is really advanced and there are a ton of great options out there.

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